Monday, August 1, 2011

Mark Laita: Amaranthine, Sea & Serpentine @ Fahey/Klein Gallery Los Angeles

It took two weeks of work to print and mount these 42 prints for the photographer Mark Laita. Its quite a rush to finally see them all up on the wall. I also really enjoy his other body of work, Created Equal.

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Work, Finally!

I received a package today containing scans of my film from the previous two years. I have been waiting very patiently because a buddy of mine scans them for free. Here is the first one I've processed:

Friday, January 21, 2011

Phil Stern Gallery Opening

Last night I went to the opening of the Phil Stern show in downtown LA. The exhibition was a selection of images, many never seen before, commemorating the 50th anniversary of John. F. Kennedy's inauguration. They can be seen online at the Phil Stern Archive.

For the past month the company where I work, BowHaus, scanned, edited, printed, mounted, framed, and hung the exhibition. It took an incredible amount of teamwork to get it all done, we spent many late nights and early mornings in order to get all of this finished. I personally mounted every print in the show, a somewhat nerve racking process with prints as large as 4 ft. x 6ft. It was a really good feeling to see it all up on the walls.

Phil's proposal to Frank Sinatra to let him photograph the event
Phil Stern
The crowd
What an amazing business card


Last weekend I had the good fortune to see my parents and my younger brother, Daniel. While getting my Dad's car washed for him, we had to wait an hour and a half while they detailed it. Fortunately it was a beautiful day and we were able to find chairs in a covered waiting area. The light was really amazing. The bad news is my camera is out for repair for probably a month or more, so my iPhone will have to suffice in the meantime.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Planned Progress is available for purchase!

An edition of 500 softcover books, each signed and numbered, are available for $50 each. 
8.5 x 11", 105 pages

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Planned Progress is Complete!

My book Planed Progress: Master Plan Update is finally finished! The project started in 2007 while I was at Rochester Institute of Technology and after numerous revisions and proofs has been completed. The entire book is available online at An edition of paperback books is coming in the near future.

Los Liones Hike

Went on a beautiful hike this morning on the Los Liones trail, which is part of a larger series of trails in Topanga State Park. I took this picture with my iPhone halfway up. God damn California is beautiful.

In Habitation

A series of my images is part of the "In Habitation" exhibition that opened last night at Booksmart Studio's Gallery Kunstler in Rochester, NY. The show is alongside a larger exhibition of photographs by Joel Wellington Fisher titled "Washington to Washington"